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Should I Hire a WordPress Developer?

wordpress developer

Should I hire a WordPress Developer?

Building a website is a necessity for every company, and that website should look professional. If not, you can quickly lose credibility as a trustworthy business. Small business owners struggle with the challenge of building a professional website that is both affordable and attractive. We will explore the benefits of hiring a WordPress developer vs. using WordPress to manage your own website.  

WordPress can be free, but the software can be complex and you need experience with web design and development to create a functional website for your business. 

An Experienced WordPress developer can take your company’s brand and business needs, and create a website that matches the goals of your company. A reputable web design firm ensures the themes and plugins that they use are always updated, don’t have any bugs or issues, and fits the parameters of your goals.   

For most small businesses, doing it yourself with WordPress takes longer than hiring a professional and might not be as cost effective. Some problems that you can run into include conflicts uploading, installing and activating your theme. There are also plugins that have similar problems.

There can be a lot of potential complications involved with security, hosting issues, domain transfers and integrations. The bottom line is there is no substitute for hiring an experienced WordPress web design agency. 

WordPress is good fit for businesses of all size 

WordPress is one of the most powerful tools available to today’s website builder. There are those who will say that open-source web development platforms are only suitable for small businesses. But, WordPress enables both small and large companies to get remarkably professional web sites. However, trying to build a site without having the proper experience can be extremely time consuming. As a business owner, you don’t have time to be using the trial and error approach when it comes to your company’s online presence. Leave it to the pros.


Hiring A WordPress Developer can be a Cost-effective Choice

WordPress can be free to use, and that is the most significant advantage of this platform. You can’t beat this platform when it comes to  options with its broad range of features. The upgrades are done at no charge to the millions of users. Apart from that, you shall get many other benefits of using this platform. But, primarily, WordPress is an excellent tool for setting up a website without investing a significant amount of money.


Should I buy a WordPress Premium Theme

Premium themes may offer more flexibility and support than free themes. If you run into an issue with your theme there is the option to contact the theme developer for support. It is possible to find premium themes using theme forest.

Of course the free themes are more commonly used. That being said, your website won’t be as unique when you use a free WordPress theme. Using a premium theme instead of a free one will make your website more appealing to visitors.    

Premium themes usually come with plugins and widgets that would need to be maintained over time. Our advice would be to pay for theme support so that you can prevent crashes on your website.

WordPress Plugins

wordpress developer

Yoast SEO 

There are thousands of plugins that are built to help you build and maintain a great website. A popular plugin that you can use some of its features for free is Yoast SEO. Not only does Yoast help you write the correct content for your metadata, but it will also let you know when your content is easy to read and if your links are placed correctly. SEO is a very important role in a successful website. Using Yoast can help ensure that the SEO strategies you use are correct.  

Easily Track Website Related Data 

As a business owner, you should continually make your website more user-friendly. This process involves analyzing data from different sources. Data reports show you how your site’s visitors behave. Based on your collected data, you can customize your website to appeal to more visitors.

The Google Kit plugin for WordPress makes it easy to collect data and analyze the results of your analytics. 

Google Kit in WordPress

You can install all of Google’s SEO and web tools into your website using the plugin Site Kit. The plugin uses tools to give you access to useful information about the performance of your site. In using this, you won’t have to leave the WordPress dashboard to view detailed insights of your website. 

Too many third party plugins can cause a crash in your website. 

Third party plugins and themes tend to be poorly designed and rarely maintained. Do your research on the different plugins you’re interested in so that you can see which ones may cause issues with your site.

Evaluating WordPress Plugins 

Review WordPress developers’ plugins carefully. You can visit their website and judge for yourself whether they are likely to still be around in the long term.  A number of developers make free plugins and don’t support them, or try to sell upgrades. Because of this, developers go out of business and abandon their work. 

A bad WordPress Developer

could ruin your business by managing website updates incorrectly

Here are some mistakes new developers make that can impact your WordPress website:

  • Not removing unused plugins
  • Failing to upgrade your website and its plugins
  • Using plugins that no longer exists or have support
  • Automating updates

WordPress is the best cms for your website.

WordPress is used by over 30% of all websites, and by more than 60% of sites with known content management systems. The amount of talent and support will never run out for WordPress applications. We’ve created and maintained WordPress sites for a variety of businesses in different industries. Contact us today if you are in need of a dependable web design agency to help develop your website.

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